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 GeoInspect Introduces the Velos helicopter for aerial Surveys

Combining vertical takeoff capability with fast, long-range flight, and high wind tolerance in a cost-effective package. Equipped with the most full-featured, high performance and reliable open-source flight control system available.




Velos UAV offers very high levels of stability. Helicopters are by nature more stable than any quad or multirotor platform.

The custom designed variable geometry blades, together with the full body fuselage, further increase the performance of the ship making it not only very stable in strong winds, but also capable of very high cruising speeds. Big multicopters lack both of the above.


Performing flight times of more than one hour with payload, Velos UAV is able to accomplish the most demanding missions.

For example, being able to fly with a LiDAR sensor for double the time than a same class multicopter enables the pilot to better perform on a demanding mapping mission, save time, reduce operating cost and increase the quality of the work.

Also, long flight times can be crucial in a search and rescue missions where you cannot afford to lose time going forth and back for replacing batteries.


Velos UAV is one of the safest UAV helicopters ever made. Equipped with a robust, low maintenance, competition grade drive train taken from the Velos 880, a competition 3D machine.

Fully redundant thanks to twin motors, ESCs, drive belts, pulleys, bearings and four servo swash plate, it is almost impossible to lose power on main or tail rotor or lose control due to a component failure.

Other UAV helicopters, that are using one independent motor to power the tail and second one to power the main rotor, are more vulnerable and the chances of crashing are doubled, as any of the motors or ESCs malfunction will lead to a crash.

Rotor Diameter = 1950 mm
Length = 1720 mm
Height = 600 mm
Width = 505 mm
Fuselage width = 230 mm
Payload Capacity = MultipleMTOW = 24 Kg
Empty Weight = 8.5 Kg
Battery Weight = 4 – 10 Kg
Payload Weight = up to 10 Kg
Endurance = up to 90 minutes
Cruise Speed = 30 – 70 Km/h
Min / Max speed = 1 – 130 Km/h
Telemetry Range = ~20 Km

Flight planning for the professional

GeoInspect is at the moment working closely together with UgCS to introduce some changes to their flight planning software so a helicopter/single rotor will can be supported as well as platform.

Some special “heli ” telemetry parameters and warning messages will be introduced that will secure safe flights
These changes will be introduced in the upcomming release og UgCS


GeoInspect demonstrated LiDAR at the Dublin Drone Expo 2017


The sub 5cm accurate LiDAR Point Cloud flown at the demo day on June 1st.


Get the data you need within days

  • Base your decisions on accurate, near real-time data
  • Safe & reliable: compliant with local rules & regulations
  • Save time, save money
  • Mapping made easy


Whether you need detailed information on stockpile volumes, mining sites, archaeology sites, natural resources or construction sites, our team is experienced and fully equipped to provide professional and reliable aerial data. With the use of drones we carry out such mapping tasks infinitely more efficient than traditional methods can ever achieve. From that imagery we create accurate and timely mosaics and models, ready to implement and use in any GIS project.

We put imaging data into action
Capturing high quality images and georeferenced points is one thing. Turning them into the real-time, ready to use data to your needs is another. Luckily, that is exactly what we love to do. Without the need for conversions or additional software we deliver:
accurate and timely mosaics,
digital surface models,
precise and timely maps for construction or archaeology sites,
index maps such as NDVI from multi-spectral images for the agricultural sector,
any other GIS solutions.


Industrial inspections in a breeze with photogrammetry, video or LiDAR
Regular inspections of installations such as wind turbines, energy plants, pipe lines and other industrial sites are imperative. Size and structure often make surveys from the air with unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) the logical choice. We suit the need of any inspection project with photogrammetry, video or LiDAR.


Save time, save money
UAV cuts down delivery time and project costs. We can cover ten to fifteen hectares and collect millions of data points per day. This way, you’ll be able to base your decisions on accurate data in no time: the first results will be ready for you within days. Lead times for bigger projects can be cut down from months to weeks. Quick turnaround whenever chosen parameters turn out to be not a hundred percent on par.


Professional and reliable
GeoInspect complies with local rules and regulations within EU countries and is fully insured. If we don’t have a permit, we won’t offer our services or will find a solution with you.
We only employ professional pilots and the best technical professionals in the industry.


Let us fly for you
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Sales and Support for  LiDAR sensors

Over the last decade, LiDAR technology has proven its efficiency with market needs steadily increasing. However, LiDAR systems are heavy (typically 20 to 100 kg) and currently operate from utility plane or helicopter. Due to high aircraft operation costs, these kinds of sensors are not attractive for small-area surveying (<100ha).

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are also a booming sector. In particular, very high-resolution aerial imagery from professional drones is a fast-emerging market.

GeoInspect has signed resellers agreements with various integrators, to coverDSC_0250 WorldWide and aimed at promoting, selling and supporting the Light Detection And Ranging (LiDAR) laser-based remote sensing technology.

In order to demonstrate the system’s capabilities, GeoInspect organises demo days in various countries.

GeoInspect could also be your partner to fly and post-process your LiDAR projects


Find out what drones can do for your businessFlight2

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles open up a world of opportunities for a multitude of businesses, the possibilities seem endless. Experienced and reliable partners to help you discover and develop these business opportunities are scarce, though. With years of experience in GIS, aerial mapping and inspection, ICT, data capturing and photography, GeoInspect brings a fresh and highly professional approach to the table.

We’d love to help you in any stage of any UAV project:

  • Assistance or advice in various steps of drone use, whether it is in the considering, Proof of Concept or implementation phase.
  • Optimizing output of the flight: how to get the perfect picture or capture the best possible geo-referenced point cloud.
  • Making sure your drone project is performed in a safe and orderly manner, compliant with local rules and regulations.

We start where you are

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LiDAR accuracy
Point Cloud flown at the Dutch Demo day on June 1st 2016
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4 Ha.

GSD = 0.8cm.

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